Ariema is a high-tech spin off company derived from the Spanish Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA). Company’s independent activity began in 2002 and it is made up by scientists and researchers working on issues of energy and hydrogen fuel cells for seventeen years. The experience of its professionals (Installations of El Arenosillo, Huelva, and many other national and European projects...) has allowed ARIEMA to be consolidated as a leading company in Spain in hydrogen and fuel cells, with experience in R&D management. The activities developed by the company are focused on four fields of action:

  • Hydrogen and fuel cells and renewable energy consulting
  • R & D and innovation management
  • Technical management
  • Equipment and facilities

Using the services of consultancy on hydrogen and fuel cells as "flagship", ARIEMA has a Plan of development of other products and services in the field of energy and the environment.
Our staff has participated in numerous national and international projects carried out duties of advice and assistance in the preparation of proposals (analysis of the call which present the proposal, preparation and presentation of proposals for financing of R+D+I , drafting of the technical report, search of partners...) as well as participating as a partner or company subcontracted depending on the subject matterscope and structure of the project.

Contribution to MobyPost:

ARIEMA is responsible for hydrogen production infrastructure, complementing H2Nitidor’s efforts during the final works of Building and Testing stages. Reliable production of compressed hydrogen gas will be a critical point during the Testing Stage, as fuel cell vehicles will be running on it and accurate recordings of all performance parameters are needed. Beyond the scope of the project, essential needs of postal delivery from La Poste include high vehicles’ availability and a systematic and fully predictable planning, so hydrogen production must remain constant no matter ambient conditions. ARIEMA’s role is to make sure these needs are fulfilled successfully by adapting, improving and maintaining the alkaline water electrolyzers from their start-up to the end of the project and beyond. ARIEMA is also assuming all hydrogen-related safety analysis of onsite gas production and purification, and all technical training needed for La Poste’s personnel and related with the electrolyzers.


Mr Rafael Luque
E-mail: rafael.luque@ariema.com
Telephone: +34 91 241 95 31
Fax: +34 91 771 08 54
Web: www.ariema.com

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