H2Nitidor s.r.l.

Committed with excellence and innovation since its creation, H2Nitidor manufactures High Efficient Pressurized Alkaline Water Electrolysers based on VOLTIANA® technology (by CASALE CHEMICALS -CH).
H2Nitidor offers compact electrolysis units with high efficient production of hydrogen and oxygen gases under pressure, up to 30bar in absence of mechanical compression, therefore with maximum energy efficiency.
With an active R&D department, H2Nitidor achieved the construction and development of a new electrolyser, focusing in particular on improving the efficiency of these machines to better address the market for renewable energy. The application of hydrogen is becoming always more important, so H2Nitidor is engaging in increasingly complex projects, where it gains the essential experience and expertise in various fields, such as: photovoltaic, wind power converters, electrolysers, storage hydrogen, fuel cells and related drive, etc. H2Nitidor offers a Gas Compressor Unit (Booster), realised with an original design. H2Nitidor compressors are able to compress up to 200bar and 350bar. H2Nitidor team consists of highly skilled staff. An electrical engineer is in charge of the development of PLC control systems and power electronics. As it is extremely important to increase the system efficiency, a process engineer constantly improves the electrochemical assembly area. An engineer is responsible for developing the layout of the various projects and tests, and two assemblers, one for all pressure parts and one for electric and electronic components, complement the competences of the whole team.

Contribution to MobyPost:

The first contribution of H2NITIDOR s.r.l. to MobyPost project concerns the PV power supply design, sizing and final integration in the "hydrogen area".
H2Nitidor is in charge of designing a dedicated electrolyser, which will be directly connected to PV and at the same time, if there isn't a correct power supply, change to the grid.
The objective is also to develop one unit with specific characteristics: small, outdoor, with a special software as supervisor.
An estimated capacity of 3Nmc/h hydrogen at 30bar will be necessary, without compressor at high purity and dry gas, only to connect our system to the tap water and on PV for the power supply.
The whole system is under ATEX, PED, CE certification, in order to set the safety question as a priority.


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