DUCATI energia S.p.A.

DUCATI energia owns its fame to the Ducati brothers who established DUCATI company in 1926. 22 years later, DUCATI was split in two other companies, DUCATI Elettrotecnica and DUCATI Meccanica (today DUCATI Motor).
DUCATI energia was founded in 1985 due to the merge of DUCATI Elettrotecnica and Zanussi Elettromeccanica (both belonging to Electrolux group) and nowadays it's considered one of the most important companies in Bologna area.
DUCATI energia Group assets a staff list of about 700 employees working in its 6 worldwide plants and one of its main features is related to marketing and research fields which provide the suitable solution for any particular requirement. The main fields of activities are the following:

  • Power Factor Correction and Power Electronics
  • Generators and Ignition systems
  • Electrical Vehicles
  • Energy analysers, monitoring and power quality devices
  • Road and Railway transport systems
  • Ticket issuing and transport automation systems

Contribution to MobyPost:

DUCATI energia has a specific know how in design and development of both electric vehicles and powertrain. Considering this knowledge, Ducati energia is involved in the development of the vehicle, from the conceptual design to the prototype construction including the powertrain. Moreover it cooperates in the coordination of different partners from a technical point of view.
DUCATI energia is involved in many activities of the project, mainly aimed at developing a vehicle which corresponds to the objectives set for the project. Thus, among other things, it takes part in all work phases regarding the hydrogen storage tank of the vehicle as well as its powertrain. It also actively participates in tasks related to vehicle design and engineering as well as ergonomics and interior design for easy material handlings. Besides, it is in charge of integrating the monitoring instrumentation into the vehicle. As a vehicle builder, it will also play an important role in the whole vehicle approval process.
DUCATI energia will also conduct some field tests of the vehicles in order to analyse their performances. Finally, DUCATI energia will train the drivers and be responsible of knowledge and best practices transfer to the value chain.


Gianni Regazzi
E-mail: g.regazzi@ducatienergia.com
Telephone: +39 051 6411 465
Fax: +39 051 402040
Web: www.ducatienergia.it