Mahytec Sarl

Mahytec is a French Limited Liability Company founded in December 2007 by two professors and two doctors in mechanical engineering of materials. Mahytec is a spin-off of a University and has comprehensive experience in modelling tanks. The company conducts research activities for the whole on-board hydrogen storage function, including safety requirements. Mahytec staff has been working on hydrogen issues for more than a decade and had developed experience in hydrogen technologies. The name of the company itself was chosen to make reference to its speciality: Mahytec is the abbreviation of Material-Hydrogen-Technologies.
Mahytec offers to medium sized and large companies its hydrogen storage tank expertise and develops and manufactures hydrogen tanks using compressed gas or solid storage by hydride. Mahytec provides technical solutions and manufactures prototypes as well as small series.
In particular, Mahytec has developed hydride tank for Internal Combustion Engine, a previous experience which will be widely used in MobyPost.
Mahytec is also able to test tanks: mechanical tests, fatigue, durability, thermal loading.

Contribution to MobyPost:

Mahytec contributes to MobyPost project concerning several aspects of hydrogen storage and delivery. It develops interface components between the refuelling station and the vehicles, including hydride tanks and several systems to monitor the refuelling or the temperature of the tanks in working conditions. Mahytec is in charge of developing a solution for gas transportation from the exit of the electrolyser to the hydrogen input of the fuel cell.
This main mission consists of several elements, divided among several work packages (WP). In WP1, Mahytec contributes to the identification of requirements regarding refuelling infrastructure and materials handling vehicles. In WP2, it takes part in the modelling of the full project, especially in the hydride storage of hydrogen. In WP3 and WP4, Mahytec provides the components and contributes to build the infrastructure and the vehicles. Finally, it is active to guarantee the approval of the system in agreement with codes and standards.


Prof Dominique Perreux
E-mail: dominique.perreux@mahytec.com
Telephone: +33 3 84 82 88 40
Fax: +33 3 84 82 88 41
Web: www.mahytec.com

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