Institut Pierre Vernier (IPV)

Institut Pierre Vernier (IPV) is a regional Institute for transfer of technology. Its expertise is focused on numerous technological fields and on project management applied to these fields. Application fields of research are pointed to the following main thematic axes:

  • Energy: renewable and clean energies
  • Mobility: road and aeronautical transport
  • Micromechanics: micro-systems and micro-manufacturing, automation and development of specific equipments (hard & soft), surface treatment
  • Health: technologies for health, through medical devices and e-health

The Institute is structured in departments: on the one hand, technological departments, on the other hand, project engineering departments, which include resources in legal affairs and project management.
IPV missions consist in achieving transfer of technologies developed in laboratories to industry, ensuring industrialization of those technologies considering industrial application requirements as well as facilitating and supporting development of innovative projects. Research engineers of the Institute have been working closely and regularly for years with the teams of laboratories from Franche-Comté area: FEMTO-ST / CNRS, UTBM LABs, UFC labs, FC LAB.
The Institute is currently involved in an ending European FP6 project (VECTOR), and a FP7 NMP (SAWHOT). It also manages national R&D projects with/for SMEs. The Institute employs 27 persons distributed on two sites in Franche Comté region.

Contribution to MobyPost:

IPV is in charge of the project management, more precisely of the daily follow-up and financial management of the project. These tasks are shared between IPV and SEZ. IPV also participates in the project as an active partner, particularly in the following work packages (WP):
  • IPV is work package leader in WP1 where system requirements are defined.
  • In the activities related to specific simulation and modelling (WP2) and development of handling vehicle (WP3), IPV mostly brings its support and expertise in project coordination to the partners involved.
  • Regarding the development of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure (WP4), IPV is in charge of the bid specifications including safety and regulation applied to the infrastructure, in cooperation with project partner La Poste and external control organisations. IPV will also supervise the refuelling infrastructure's construction. Thanks to its expertise in the field of solar plants, it will focus on the photovoltaic generator's dimensioning and building.
  • IPV is the work package leader for the development of certification procedures (WP5), where the goal is to achieve European homologation for the developed vehicles and authorization to run the hydrogen production infrastructure.
  • Thanks to its location close to the experiment sites, IPV will provide reports on the infrastructure functioning phase at the end of the implementation and field tests period (WP6). It will also support the knowledge and best practices transfer thanks to its skills in this domain of activity (WP7), at local and national scale. This will also be achieved thanks to communication and dissemination activities (WP8) in which IPV will share the workload with SEZ.


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