La Poste

La Poste has four business sectors: mail, parcels-Express, retail banking with La Banque Postale and distribution of products and services through La Poste retail brand. Featuring one of the largest fleets in Europe, the Mail division is implementing an ambitious programme of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Their ambition is clear: Reduce emissions of CO2 by 20% by 2015.
La Poste Group structures its activities aimed at reducing emissions of CO2 due to transportation in four key areas:
  • Research and development into clean vehicles
  • Establishment of more virtuous logistics
  • Promotion of eco-driving among employees
  • Support of subcontractors
Thanks to its experience and commitment in the field of clean vehicles, La Poste is positioning itself as a very important and active stakeholder in the development of electric vehicle industry in France. In this context, innovation and research of alternative solutions based on renewable energy or technologies that optimise the use of electric vehicles are of major interest.

Contribution to MobyPost:

The contribution of La Poste to MobyPost project will be permanent and cover most of the work packages. From the very beginning of the project, it is involved in the definition of technical specifications tailored to specific uses of postal workers, both regarding infrastructure and vehicle. These are essential factors for the project's success. Over the whole project duration, active support of La Poste will ensure the development of practical and operational solutions. Finally, as a project highlight, the experimental phase in real working conditions of the whole solution (vehicle + infrastructure) will be led by La Poste.


Eric Gauthier
E-mail: eric.gauthier@laposte.fr
Telephone: +33(0)2 40 69 99 62
Mobile: +33(0)6 77 79 51 76
Web: www.laposte.fr

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