The 6th MobyPost Newsletter is available

MobyPost's 6th Newletter edition is now released. This last newsletter includes interesting information about MobyPost testing phase, the new UTBM campus and other news from the hydrogen field.

The 5th MobyPost Newsletter is available!

MobyPost's 5th Newletter edition is now released inlcuding an interesting article about MobyPost partner meeting in Uggiate Trevano (Italy), an interview with partner Dominique Perreux from MaHyTec and many more news from the e-mobility field and relevant upcoming events for the e-mobility industry.

The 4th MobyPost Newsletter is now available!

MobyPost's 4th Newsletter edition is now released where you find an interesting article about MobyPost partner meeting in Belfort, an interview with partner Roberto Bianchi (MES S.A.) and many more news from the e-mobility field and in this edition in particular also from the fuell cell industry.

The 3rd MobyPost Newsletter is now available!

MobyPost is now in its final phase, which focusses on testing the vehicle fleet. Read more about it in the 3rd Newsletter edition where you also find an interesting article about MobyPost partner meeting in Bologna and an interview with Mirco Fucili (DUCATI Energia)!

Partner Meeting March 2013 and launch of infrastructure work

MobyPost 24-months Partner Meeting will take place on the 27.-28. March 2013 in Bologna, Italy. Partner Ducati Energia is organizing this meeting.

Good news are also that the work of the infrastructure has started!

  • Start of the work mid-January 2013
  • Delivery of the building: mid-March 2013 for Perrigny/France and mid-April 2013 for Audincourt/France

The 2nd MobyPost Newsletter is now available!


It is halftime for the MobyPost project which offers a good opportunity to review the project’s progress in the last months and its goals for the second half of the project. Learn more about the project’s development in our 2nd Newsletter…Find Newsletter No2 in our download section!

The first MobyPost newsletter is now available!

We are most happy to announce that our first project newsletter has been issued by now! Learn more about MobyPost, its partners - in this issue in particular about La Poste and its vision on the project -, highlight events and much more...Find newsletter No1 in our download section!

On the way to achieving our goals

June 2012

After a first period of studies, modeling and simulation the excellent work performed by all the partners in the framework of the MobyPost project is on its way to succeed in concrete results. Indeed, infrastructure equipments for hydrogen production, storage and distribution as well as power-train components and vehicle frame have been sized. Administrative authorization and homologation steps have been taken and have received a rather favorable welcome from the competent authorities, aware of the stakes underlying the project. By the time of the next partner meeting in September 2012 the consortium will be able to show to authorized persons the first version of the MobyPost vehicle prototype by its manufacturer, and the conversion of La Poste sites in Franche-Comté aiming at receiving the whole experimentation.

H2Nitidor and MaHyTec at the Hannover fair

April 2012

Two SMEs of our consortium were present during the Hannover fair, 23rd to 27th of April 2012, a world leading global fair for fuel cell and hydrogen technology: MaHyTec (France) who designs and manufactures hydrogen storage systems and H2 Nitidor (Italy), who designs and builds electrolyzers. Both appreciated a lot the opportunity to make important contacts with potential clients, explain the MobyPost project, and to update themselves about the state of the art in each area!               

One year Partner meeting, Karlsruhe, Germany

12th to 14th March 2012

The one year partner meeting was organized by our partner „EIFER“, supported by our second German partner „SEZ“, for a very interesting and intensive period of two and a half days. As usual, the first one day and a half was dedicated to a project review with the aim of equalizing the level of information and launching the technical discussions. The project officer was luckily present and helped us keeping in mind the high level of the project’s goals, which results of the experimentation are eagerly awaited by the European hydrogen community. Then, the third day of meeting consisted in a so-called Exploitation Seminar. This allowed to define more precisely the overall strategy for the exploitation of the project results and to further plan the protection of those results.

Six-month partner meeting, Codogno, Italy

28th and 29th September 2011

After the first six months period, the MobyPost project’s partners had the occasion to meet in Codogno, Italy, for the “six-month partner meeting” organized by the Italian partner H2Nitidor. After a review of the studies performed so far, lively technical discussion began, a sign that the project really came into its operational phase. After these two days of meeting, each partner went back home with a precise tasks list and associated schedule.

Kick-off meeting, Besançon, France

7th and 8th March 2011

MobyPost’s kick-off meeting took place on 7th and 8th March 2011 in Besançon, France. The event was organized by the project coordinator, Institut Pierre Vernier. All the partners travelled to this place with the objective of learning more about their new collaborators and project Each partner presented his company and role in the MobyPost project. As aspired, we had lively discussions about general as well as sometimes very concrete issues related to the project’s objectives.

On this occasion, a detailed work plan for the first six months was elaborated. The consortium was delighted to have with him during these two days the Project Officer, Mr. Enrique Giron. He made numerous constructive and useful suggestions about the implementation of the project and used the opportunity to remind the group on how important it was for everyone to achieve the project’s objectives. Thanks to all attendees for having contributed to a successful meeting!


MobyPost is online

November 2011

The new website of MobyPost ist now online.


As this website will be constantly updated over the whole project duration, we kindly invite you to regularly visit this portal to get informed about the latest news, e.g. events, newsletters or further publications brought out by the project.
We hope you will find interesting information about our activities and commitment. Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you want any further information!
Enjoy your visit on our website!


(last update: November 18, 2015)
  • Definition of system requirements
  • Simulation and modelling studies of powertrain
  • Style and ergonomic studies
  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Definition of system requirements
  • Dimensioning of equipment
  • Safety and regulation analysis
  • Design of monitoring system
  • Final design and test of powertrain
  • Construction of vehicles
  • Homologation

  • Photovoltaic generator installation
  • Modification work on existing buildings
  • Installation of electrolyser, H2 storage,
    H2 refuelling station
  • Certification
  • Training for postmen
  • Field tests
  • Data analysis
  • Dissemination
     & knowledge transfer