European Institute for Energy Research (EIFER)

EIFER is a European Economic Interest Grouping founded in 2001 by EDF Électricité de France and KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (former called University of Karlsruhe). EIFER deals with energy issues for cities and regions located in France, Germany and abroad, addressing especially two main combined topics:
  • Integrated approach of sustainable city based on urban systems analysis, energy planning and geo-simulation
  • Development of local energy solutions based on renewable energy sources and high efficient distributed generation systems
EIFER has acquired a broad technical expertise in water electrolysis through its research activities at laboratory level on high temperature electrolysis cells and stacks as well as system integration studies and techno economical analysis. EIFER participated to 5 European projects (FP6 and FP7) on this topic between 2007 and 2009 and from this time new projects have further been successfully launched.

Contribution to MobyPost:

In the frame of MobyPost project, EIFER, as leader of work package 4, coordinates the Development of the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, which particularly includes PV-panels, electrolyser, storage and refuelling system. EIFER is strongly involved in the design and planning of the stationary infrastructure. Partners bring the necessary skills for the implementation of safety and regulation. Moreover, an appropriate monitoring system is required to evaluate the performances and provide feedback of the operating system. EIFER is strongly committed in the specification and implementation of the monitoring system as well as the data management system. Besides, EIFER offers its support and expertise in other activities. Within the frame of definition of system requirements (WP1), EIFER investigates the general and technical requirements of the stationary infrastructure, in particular the electricity generation through PV-panels on site and the hydrogen production by alkaline electrolysis as well as the certification processes and the building conversion. Within the scope of specific simulation and modelling studies (WP2), EIFER is mainly concerned with the modelling and dimensioning of the stationary infrastructure. Thereby a model will be implemented with Matlab/Simulink in order to estimate, among other things, the required and optimal size of PV-panels, the electrolyser capacity as well as the pressurised buffer tank's size. EIFER also takes an active part in the dissemination and promotion of scientific results through presentations or publications.


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